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Meet The Huntress Canada Founder

Get To Know Lisa In 7 Questions

1) Reasons You First Fell In Love With Fashion:
Both my Grandmother and Baba were expert seamstresses so I was around garment creation from a very young age. My Grandma regularly had a stack of InStyle and Vogue magazines by her couch, and I would sit there for hours just sifting through the pages. I had an affinity for sketching my own designs, and would bring them to life for my Barbie Dolls and myself (I was lucky to have many custom dresses made for me). I am also a HUGE movie buff, and became mesmerized by the red carpet arrivals at awards show so that had a huge impact on my love for fashion, and also introduced me to high-end designers and brands.   

2) First Designer Piece You Owned: 
I was gifted a Louis Vuitton Multi-Colour Pochette when I was 16 from my auntie, and it has great sentimental value to me. 

3) What Do You Look For When Thrifting/Consignment Shopping:
I have been thrifting/consignment shopping for over 20 years. I focus on high-quality textiles and designer pieces. I think garment construction and textiles are most important when looking for a piece that offers longevity of wear and a stellar fit. Designer brands tend to use high-grade fabrics so you get to know what to expect in regards to fit and fabric.

4) Fashion Inspiration (Person):
I've always admired Dakota Johnson, Olivia Wilde, Johnny Knoxville, and Lauren Hutton's style. I'm a big fan of Sergio Hudson, Tom Ford, and anything styled by Law Roach or Elizabeth Stewart.

5) Fashion Inspiration (Publication): 
InStyle, Vogue, British Vogue, BOF, and Instagram for my daily source of inspiration. 

6) Self-Described Style:
A Gemini who has an undeniable love for graphic tees and jeans, 1970's sequin jumpsuits, hippie bohemian dresses, and 1950's Hepburn aesthetic. 

7) Favourite Thing About The Huntress Canada: 
Lovely humans finding beautiful pieces that make them look fly as hell all while contributing to the circular fashion movement, donating to important organizations, and sharing in the vision of making this planet a healthier and happier one.